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Date Country Event   Cause   Location Website/Contact
1-Sep Australia Wattle Day   Wattle Day Association   National www.wattleday.asn.au/
1-Sep Australia Gold Bow Day   The Australian Thyroid Foundation   National https://www.thyroidfoundation.com.au/ atf-awareness-events/gold-bow-day.html
1-Sep Australia Legacy Week   Legacy   National www.legacy.com.au/LegacyWeek
1-Sep Australia Spina Bifida Awareness Week   Spina Bifida Foundation of Vic (inc)   Victoria www.sbfv.org.au/upcoming-events/
1-Sep Australia Adult Learners' Week   Adult Learning Australia   National adultlearnersweek.org/index.html
1-Sep Australia Biodiversity Month   The Department of the Environment and Heritage   National www.environment.gov.au/ biodiversity/month.html
1-Sep Australia Prostate Cancer Awareness Month   Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia   National www.prostate.org.au/articleLive/
1-Sep Australia Save the Koala Month   Australian Koala Foundation   National https://www.savethekoala.com/ how-to-help/save-koala-month
1-Sep Australia Heart Foundation Doorknock Appeal   Heart Foundation   National www.heartfoundation.org.au/ support-us/fundraising/Pages/doorknock.aspx
1-Sep Australia Foster Care Month   Foster Care Mont   National www.fosterabrighterfuture.com.au/
1-Sep Australia Tiwest Night Stalk   Perth Zoo   Perth www.perthzoo.wa.gov.au/act/tiwest-night-stalk/
2-Sep Nepal Climb-it for Climate: Everest Base Camp - 22 days   Australian Youth Climate Coalition   Everest http://www.inspiredadventures.com.au/calendar/
4-Sep Australia National Health and PE Day   The Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation   National www.achper.org.au/news/national-health-pe-day
5-Sep Australia Larapinta Trek - 8 days   Indigenous Community Volunteers   Northern Territory http://www.inspiredadventures.com.au/calendar/
5-Sep Australia Cancer Council Walk To Work Day   Cancer Council   National walk.com.au
6-Sep Australia Footy Colours Day   Fight Cancer Foundation   National www.fightcancer.org.au/news-and-events/fca/
7-Sep China CPA's Great Wall Challenge 2013 - 5 days   Cerebral Palsy Alliance   China http://www.inspiredadventures.com.au/calendar/
7-Sep Nepal Climb-it for Climate: Everest Base Camp - 22 days   Australian Youth Climate Coalition   Everest http://www.inspiredadventures.com.au/calendar/
7-Sep India Ricksaw Challenge - 7 days   Own Choice   Tamil Nadu http://www.rickshawchallenge.com/trips/
7-Sep USA Tough Mudder   Own Choice   Wisconsin www.toughmudder.com
7-Sep England Tough Mudder   Own Choice   UK - Yorkshire www.toughmudder.com
7-Sep Australia White Balloon Day   Bravehearts   National www.whiteballoonday.com.au
7-Sep Australia 64th Chapman Valley Agricultural Show   Chapman Valley Agricultural Society Inc   WA  
8-Sep Australia Sustainable House Day   ANZSES Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society.   National www.sustainablehouseday.com
8-Sep International International Literacy Day   United Nations   Worldwide www.unesco.org/new/en/education /themes/education-building-blocks/literacy/
9-Sep International International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day (FASDAY)   National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Syndrom and Related Disorders (NOFASARD)   Worldwide fasday.com/
9-Sep Australia National Stroke Week   National Stroke Foundation   National www.strokefoundation.com.au
10-Sep International World Suicide Prevention Day   United Nations   Worldwide www.who.int/mediacentre/events/ annual/world_suicide_prevention_day/en/index.html
12-Sep Australia R U OK? Day   R U OK?   National www.ruokday.com/
13-Sep Australia The 13th "Don't Be One Of The Unlucky Ones"   Fire Foundation Ltd   National www.firefoundation.org.au/events/friday-the-13th
14-Sep Papua New Guinea Kokoda Track - 11 days   Royal Australian College of General Practitioners   Kokoda http://www.inspiredadventures.com.au/calendar/
14-Sep Australia Tough Mudder   Own Choice   Melbourne http://toughmudder.com.au/events/
14-Sep USA Tough Mudder   Own Choice   St. Louis www.toughmudder.com
14-Sep Australia Yarra Valley Water Grape Run   Various   Yarra Valley http://www.starttofinish.com.au/ default.aspx?s=eventdisplay&id=2686
15-Sep China China Moon Bear Challenge - 5 days   Animals Asia Australia   Great Wall of China http://www.inspiredadventures.com.au/calendar/
15-Sep International International Day of Democracy   United Nations   Worldwide www.un.org/en/events/democracyday/
16-Sep International International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer   United Nations   Worldwide www.un.org/en/events/ozoneday/
16-Sep Australia Herbal Medicine Week   Herbal Medicine Week   National www.nhaa.org.au/
17-Sep International World Parks Day   Australia and New Zealand - Parks Forum   Worldwide www.worldparksday.org/world-parks-day.html
20-Sep Australia Clean up the World Weekend   Clean up Australia   National www.cleanuptheworld.org/en/ Activities/clean-up-the-world-weekend.html
21-Sep England Tough Mudder   Own Choice   UK - South West www.toughmudder.com
21-Sep USA Tough Mudder   Own Choice   Kansas City www.toughmudder.com
21-Sep International World Alzheimer's Day   Alzheimer's Australia   Worldwide www.alzheimers.org.au/
21-Sep International International Day of Peace   United Nations   Worldwide www.un.org/en/events/observances/days.shtml
21-Sep Australia Surf Coast Century   Various   Anglesea, Victoria http://www.rapidascent.com.au /salomontrailrunning/sc100splash.aspx
22-Sep International World Carfree Day   World Carfree Network   Worldwide www.worldcarfree.net/wcfd/
22-Sep Australia Sri Chinmoy Yarra Boulevard Half Marathon   Various   Kevin Bartlett Reserve, Yarra Boulevard, Richmond http://au.srichinmoyraces.org/events/melbourne
22-Sep Australia Saloman Trail Running Series   Various   Anglesea, Surf Coast http://www.salomontrailseries.com.au/
22-Sep Australia Date: Sunday 22 September 2013   Various   Newport, Victoria http://www.hobos.org.au/
26-Sep International World Maritime Day   United Nations   Worldwide www.un.org/en/events/maritimeday/index.shtml
27-Sep International World Tourism Day   United Nations   Worldwide www.un.org/en/events/tourismday/index.shtml
28-Sep Canada Tough Mudder   Own Choice   Toronto Fall www.toughmudder.com
28-Sep USA Tough Mudder   Own Choice   Tahoe Fall www.toughmudder.com
28-Sep International World Rabies Day   United Nations   Worldwide www.who.int/mediacentre/events /annual/world_rabies_day/en/index.html
28-Sep International World Heart Day   United Nations   Worldwide www.who.int/mediacentre/events/ annual/world_heart_day/en/index.html
28-Sep Australia Hobson’s Bay Fun Run   Various   Newport, Victoria http://www.hobos.org.au/
29-Sep Australia National Police Remembrance Day   The AUSPOL - Police Welfare Foundation   National www.auspol.org/
29-Sep International World Rivers Day   World Rivers Day   Worldwide www.backcountryattitude.com/ world-rivers-day.html
29-Sep Australia Coburg Fun Run and Walk   Various   Harold Stevens Athletic Track Outlook Rd, Coburg http://www.coburgharriers.org.au/ joomla1/content/view/57/2/