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Bait dog, Mr Beau Jangles, saved and rehabilitated

Featured Mr Beau Jangles Birkett-Smith Sanctuary Mr Beau Jangles

Suspected bait dog, Mr Beau Jangles, is just one of the animals who has been saved from being put to sleep by The Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary. ‘He is battle scarred and has got some complex issues, but is now calm and at peace in the Sanctuary’, said Joy Keys the founder of The Sanctuary.

BeausmileThe sanctuary provides ‘forever homes’ for domestic, farm and wildlife animals. Most have behavioural issues, are aggressive, old, disabled and scared of humans; the list goes on. Their 150 animals include dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, horses, farm birds, emus and even a seagull!

It is also one of the very few places in the UK that take aggressive dogs and have a no kill policy full stop. They rehabilitate these animals as much as they can so that they are enabled to move forward and enjoy life and for the lucky ones, their forever homes.

‘We basically help the animals that stand little or no chance of gaining homes let alone the security of a forever home’, highlighted Joy. ‘Our aim is to always get them back out again on their journey having been fully assessed and worked on. Seeing a dog relax into the safety of the sanctuary is our motivation and seeing the dogs thrive and become the loving creatures they were before society dealt them a rough hand is what drives us. Seeing them safely into a forever home is what our dreams are made of.'

Mr Beau Jangles himself arrived at the Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary last April and over the last few months has received lots of care and rehabilitation from the volunteers and staff there. ‘He is enjoying a good amount of fuss and cuddles’, highlighted volunteer Candice Dungey.

He is continuing to develop and is thoroughly enjoying his own toys, and for the first time recently, having a play outside. Mr Beau Jangles is also clearly enjoying affection and is now settling into himself even more, even playing like a proper dog at play time.

‘He learned to swap a treat for his returned ring, which is great for Mr Beau whose idea of playing previously was run, jump and launch at you! So with steady work and great care he really is coming on great guns and with no demands placed on him; he is loving quite simply being a dog’, said Joy.

Beau-Before-RescueThe Birkett-Smith Sanctuary continues to be a success with its 'SOS HAVEN Rehabilitation' spaces, for behaviourally affected rescues who are seeking a place of safety and Rehab. In most cases this unique service offers professional UK rescues/rescuers their last chance to gain help for animals that have nowhere else to go.

‘The sheer number of requests we have received for SOS spaces in such a short time is sad testament to the over-breeding, throwaway attitude and abuse towards animals that has become so prevalent in the UK and the need for these spaces is more apparent than ever’, emphasised Joy.

Currently they have many dogs waiting for a spaces but only have 20 SOS Havens. So they are continually fund raising, building and making improvements to their existing facilities to accommodate as many desperate animals as possible.

As for Mr Beau 'His body is covered in the scars of his past, but we hoped to be able to heal the scars on his heart by showering him in love and so far it's working. He is growing in confidence, learning to trust and is less fear reactive' concluded Joy.

Some of the other special Dogs are: http://birkett-smith.org.uk/index.php/sos-dogs

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Joy Birkett-Smith

Joy Keys founded The Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary a few years ago on her smallholding in Dorset and formalised as a registered charity not long after. She has been rescuing animals, rehabilitating and sheltering them for many years and her experience is extensive. Joy believes that every animal deserves a chance and is a vocal, proactive advocate for the rights of animals.

Website: www.birkett-smith.org.uk

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