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About Give Giving a Go

'Your News source for charity success'

Established in May 2013, ‘Give Giving a Go’ is a FREE media service designed to promote charity success stories.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, our dedicated team have a burning ambition to promote and report on the success and therefore recognition of the charity and volunteer sector. Many of our staff have a background in the charity and education sector, as well as experience within the media industry, and are engaged in helping promote this amazing industry.


We believe that there are many projects that go unnoticed, including many small local projects in international destinations. We will explore these inspirational stories and share them with like-minded people.

about give charity a go

We have 3 simple aims. These are:

  1. To promote specific charity/project success stories throughout schools and mass media,
  2. To enable a central research point,
  3. To act as the ‘reuters’ of charity/project news.


Additionally we aim to:

    1. Help smaller local projects promote their work and their success,
    2. Provide the public with an easily assessable directory for events, volunteer opportunities and charity contact listings,
    3. Provide charities with access to trust and grant funding opportunities,
    4. Allow businesses/companies to promote their specific community engagement,
    5. Fund and support many smaller attainable international projects, as well as enabling volunteers to help on said projects. For example, building a playground at a school in India.


Our success will be achieved by:

  1. Promoting the news service as a research hub to schools,
  2. Encouraging students to have their research stories published,
  3. Engaging companies by promoting their philanthropy side of business,
  4. Providing Press Release stories to mass media,
  5. News podcasts, videos and detailed news stories will encourage visitors,
  6. Acting as a large research hub, people will regularly visit our news service to find events, volunteer opportunities, grant and trust funding opportunities, and charity directories,
  7. Offering a wide coverage thanks to joint venture of twitter, facebook, and gmail+1.
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We believe that this unique news service will provide a springboard of ideas for charities worldwide, and hopefully encourage more people to partake in the charity sector; by raising money for charities or volunteering for local or international projects.



Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. Please visit again soon for regular updates.


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